*erschienen in Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz
1999- Bailamos
          Rhythm divine
2000- Be with you
          Could I have this kiss forerver?
          Sas Eyes (*CH)
2001- Hero
2002- Escape
          Love to see you cry
          Maybe (*DE/CH)
2003- To love a woman
2004- Not in Love
2007- Do you know(The Ping Pong Song)
          Tired of being sorry (*DE/CH)
2008- Can you hear me?
2009- Takin´back my love
2010- I like it
          Tonight (I´m lovin´you)
2011- Dirty Dancer (Remix)
2014- I´m a freak (*DE/AT)
2015- El perdon
2016- Don´t you need somebody (*CH)
         -Duele el corazon

2017 - Subeme la radio

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